Permanent Modular Buildings

Our commercial modular construction fabrication will have a higher percentage of wood construction or steel construction than any site-built structure or traditional building structure. Avon Modular specializes in high quality commercial permanent modular buildings, using steel and concrete as our primary building materials. We use innovative technology to make your prefabricated commercial modular building look like it was a site built, traditional construction structure.

Modular VS Conventional Construction

Modular Construction is a process in which buildings are constructed off-site, under controlled pant conditions.

Modular Classrooms & Universities

Commercial Modular Construction | Avon Modular

Commercial Permanent Modular Buildings & Modular Construction Manufacturing

Avon Modular a leader in commercial permanent modular construction provides an all-inclusive prefabricated manufacturing building construction and or steel building experience. As Certified General Contractors (CGC 1521397) and Modular Building Manufacturer (MAF 9144), we understand the construction process that is best suitable to achieving our client goals.

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