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Avon Modular a leader in commercial permanent modular construction provides an all-inclusive prefabricated manufacturing building construction and or steel building experience. As Certified General Contractors (CGC 1521397) and Modular Building Manufacturer (MFT 8686), we understand the construction process that is best suitable to achieving our client goals.

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Modular Construction

Avon Modular is revolutionizing the modular industry from portable buildings and modular trailers to redefining construction with component construction. Our modular manufacturing construction is sweeping the industry as sturdy, cost effective methods of permanent prefabricated building construction. Modular manufacturing advancements in technology helps keep building construction cost lower by reducing the construction time and allowing the site development to be completed at the same time the commercial prefabricated building is being constructed. Reducing building construction time minimizes cost whether it’s traditional construction, prefabricated and or modular building construction. Also, in many commercial construction building applications the sooner our client’s buildings are constructed the more revenue our clients can capitalize on.

Commercial Modular Construction

Commercial modular construction is sweeping the building construction industry with faster building times per the required state agency approvals and reduces time on the site therefore our client liability exposure is far less than any traditional commercial building construction process. Our component construction prefabricated method of modular building construction has started taking the construction industry by storm.

Learn what makes Avon Modular the best in business today?

Commercial modular construction or prefabricated buildings are multipurpose buildings that are connected in any configuration to achieve the architectural designed building appeal. Avon Modular specializes in all types of commercial building applications as we have over 20 years’ experience in modular building construction. Our permanent modular buildings are prefabricated with wood, steel, or concrete construction. All our buildings are State approved and meet the latest building code requirements, FBC (Florida Building Code) or IBC (International Building Code).

Modular Universities

Our modular construction fabrication will have a higher percentage of wood construction or steel construction than any site built structure or traditional building structure. Avon Modular specializes in high quality permanent modular buildings using steel and concrete as our primary building materials as we use innovative technology to make your prefabricated building look like it was a site built, traditional construction structure.

If you’re looking for speed, quality, and excellence to build a modular laboratory, modular medical facility, University modular dormitory or classroom, oil-base camps, living quarters, or any type of commercial modular building, our component construction hybrid innovative prefabricated buildings can be designed with the same aesthetic appeal as any traditional structure. Our expert team will take you from civil engineering, to building design, permitting services, modular building construction, project completion, and final certificate of occupancy or certificate of completion on your permanent prefabricated building structure.

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