Permanent Modular Buildings

Our commercial modular construction fabrication will have a higher percentage of wood construction or steel construction than any site-built structure or traditional building structure. Avon Modular specializes in high quality commercial permanent modular buildings, using steel and concrete as our primary building materials. We use innovative technology to make your prefabricated commercial modular building look like it was a site built, traditional construction structure.

Modular VS Conventional Construction

Modular Construction is a process in which buildings are constructed off-site, under controlled pant conditions.

Modular Classrooms & Universities

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Oils Gas & Energy Modular Buildings

Modular classrooms and Universities

Turn Key Modular Construction.

If you’re looking for speed, quality, and excellence to build a modular laboratory, modular medical facility, University modular dormitory or classroom, oil-base camps, living quarters, or any type of commercial modular building, our component construction hybrid innovative prefabricated buildings can be designed with the same aesthetic appeal as any traditional structure.

Our expert team will take you from civil engineering, to building design, permitting services, modular building construction, project completion, and final certificate of occupancy or certificate of completion on your permanent prefabricated building structure.


* Design: Integrated modular laboratory furniture design, according latest EN codes, for highest working environment, and easy future modifications.

* Speed of construction: The whole project can be designed and constructed in the time frame it would take to produce the engineering plans for a classic site-built Lab construction (8-9 month).

* Less cost: due to less waste material, less construction time and less change orders.

* Quality assurance: The whole fabrication process is being controlled at each single stage, by the manufacturer, to IBC or FBC nal building codes. Building is constructed in a controlled environment.

* Construction process: Factories maintain a climate controlled environment during all stages of the in-house construction process. This process maintains an advantage of controlling mold, material damage due to weather conditions, and loss of materials.

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