Healthcare & Medical Modular Buildings

Discover why modular construction is taking the construction industry by storm.

Modular Health Care Buildings

Building a healthcare facility is like any medical procedure: the fewer the complications, the better. And nothing is faster, or more painless, than building with modular construction from Avon Modular. Modular construction, also known as component construction, allows you to prep the site and build at the same time. This way, you’re up and generating revenue faster. Standardization means code-compliant plans and savings on labor. This is a permanent solution that is virtually indistinguishable from traditional construction- unless you look at all the time and money it saves you. For more information, including customizable plans and financing options, call us or visit our website. It’s just the prescription to cure your building headaches.

Modular construction offers the advantages of time and cost savings while maintaining a flexible and functional work environment. Modular buildings can be designed to your specifications and offer solutions to your healthcare facility requirements. Our experienced team of executives will provide services ranging from design and planning through the completion of your modular facility. In addition, we offer a wide variety of financing options.

Included in this document are samplings of the many types of facilities we can provide. From a small, specialized clinic to a large, full-service medical institution, Avon Modular can offer many custom solutions for your healthcare requirements.

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Building a healthcare facility is like any medical procedure: the fewer the complications, the better.

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