Top 5 Advantages of Modular Construction

Published: November 12, 2018

Top 5 Advantages of Modular Construction

Modular construction is a process where a building is constructed off site and then assembled on site. While the same materials are used to the same standards as conventional construction, there are advantages to this type of construction process. Modular construction is an innovative process in that it meets the needs of accelerated construction, while maintaining quality throughout the construction process in a cost-effective manner. While modular construction is not new, it is no surprise that it is growing in popularity. The following are 5 top advantages you can expect when choosing modular over conventional.

Faster Construction Timeline

One of the main advantages that modular construction boasts is the speed at which a building can go up, and the quality at which it is delivered. There are many aspects to the process that supports this advantage. One of which, is the fact that while modules are being constructed in a factory warehouse, the foundation of the structure can be constructed on site at the same time. In fact, many parts of the construction process can be completed simultaneously, an advantage that you do not commonly get with conventional construction. The ability to work concurrently can reduce project time by up to half of what would be spent with conventional construction processes. Another aspect in modular construction that leads to faster completion is the fact that a large part of the project is constructed in a closed environment, inside a warehouse. Many times, weather can delay construction time significantly. However, in a closed environment the construction continues without delay.

Reduced Project Costs

Another top advantage of modular construction is that the factory like setting of the modular process allows for increased controls. These increased controls support the proficiency of the modular construction process in many ways. One of which is better material planning, helping to reduce material surplus and overall cost in materials. In addition, for multi-unit projects, efficiency is achieved by designing once and building duplicates The increase in controls leads to more overall savings through lower labor and operational costs due to a shorter project timeline, efficient use of materials, and a smaller work crew. The closed environment that the factory setting provides also allows work to continue despite the weather and provides protection for materials and supplies from damage and theft, which can be costly.

Better Quality Control

The ability to precisely control the quality of the modules is another top advantage of modular construction. Since the modules are constructed under ideal conditions in a climate-controlled facility with specialized equipment and methods, ensuring quality is generally easier with modular construction. Modules are built using plans that provide exact specifications for materials and procedures by experienced assembly and fabrication technicians, thus guaranteeing quality and consistency at every step.


With environmental concerns at an all-time high, it is no wonder modular construction is gaining in popularity. Modular construction can significantly reduce the demand for raw materials and energy. The production style of assembly and the ideal conditions provided by the factory like setting greatly reduces material waste. In addition, since modules are assembled in the factory, smaller field crews are required on the construction site. Due to most of the construction being completed off-site, the impact on the site environment is also reduced. With efficient planning you can even reduce the amount of equipment needed at the construction site.

Improved Safety

Safety is a major concern on every construction site. With modular construction, most of the work is completed in a closed environment under ideal conditions considerably decreasing the risk of accidents, environmental hazards, and other such liabilities. Furthermore, better quality control provided by the modular construction process allows for improved safety through the consistency and quality of the modules delivered to the site, as opposed to traditional construction that cannot always guarantee consistency in the quality of the finished product.

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