Modular Steel Buildings

Prefabricated Buildings

Modular Steel Buildings

Modular Steel Buildings are sweeping the nation as one of the fastest-growing fields of construction. Thanks to modular construction and prefabricated buildings, most modern structures will take 50-60% less time than their predecessors.

With modular steel buildings taking only a fraction of the time to build, they cost less to install. This allows our steel buildings to be finished quickly and start generating revenue for you more quickly than traditional construction.

“Modular Construction is 50-60% faster than traditional construction.”

Avon Modular provides an all-inclusive modular construction service from civil engineering, foundation grading to parking stripes.

Our goal is to provide a stress-free building experience and provide peace of mind during the process. We specialize in a variety of building types from commercial permanent buildings, workforce housing, hotels/motels, medical / healthcare/hospitals, education, government, pharmaceuticals/laboratories, amusement parks, sports complex, retail, and much more!

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