Laboratory Modular Buildings


No cost design and consulting for lab planning. Create your facility layout based on your require workflow for your methods


We can provide the latest technology for your lab. Equip your facility with the best technology or let us help you optimize your budget


The modular building brings future technology to your facility. Fast and flexible.

Laboratory Modular Buildings

We are a group of laboratory suppliers that have teamed up to bring customers a complete Turn-Key Solution for their laboratory projects.

With over 20 years of experience designing and installing labs, we understand the importance to plan the layout of a laboratory-based on the method and workflow required by the users.

Our modular building systems allows us to deliver and finish a new facility as quickly as possible in order to quick start your operations

The modular industry from portable buildings and modular trailers to redefining construction with component construction. Our modular manufacturing construction is sweeping the industry as sturdy, cost-effective methods of permanent prefabricated building construction. Modular manufacturing advancements in technology help keep building construction costs lower by reducing the construction time and allowing the site development to be completed at the same time the commercial prefabricated building is being constructed.

Equip your new lab with the very best cutting edge technology. Design your lab with custom build furniture that fits your workflow and laboratory needs. Work on Fume Hoods that meet and surpass safety norms..

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Lab Design & Architecture

Lab in Boxes has years of experience designing laboratories we would be happy to assist you with your project at no cost. We understand the importance to plan a new lab according to the workflow of the methods required by the users.
Over 20 years of design and planning laboratories for many industries.







Water Quality


Universities & Education

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