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Modular Manufacturing

Discover why modular construction is taking the construction industry by storm.

Modualr Buildings and Prefabricated Construction

Modular manufacturing is sweeping the nation as one of the fastest growing fields of construction. Thanks to modular construction and prefabricated buildings, most modern structures will take 50-60% less time than its predecessors. With modular buildings taking only a fraction of the time to build, they cost less to install. This allows our buildings to be finished quickly and start generating revenue for you more quickly than traditional construction.

“Modular Construction is 50-60% faster than traditional construction.”

AvonModular provides an all inclusive modular construction service from foundation grading to parking stripes. Our goal is to provide a stress free building experience and provide peace of mind during the process. We specialize in a variety of building types from commercial, workforce housing, medical, education, government, retail, and much more! Contact us today and learn what makes our clients love us!

Steel Modular Building under construction.

Why Choose Prefabricated Construction?

  • Save money by finishing your building sooner
  • Start generating revenue more quickly
  • Permanent and temporary modular building solutions
  • Increase and reduce modular building size as needed
  • Modular construction speed with traditional building looks

Installation and Relocation
We will transport your new or old modular building and relocate your building to its new home.

Accessibility Options
Ramps, Decks, and Steps with wood, steel, concrete.

Remodeling, Repair, Recertification
Offer an all-inclusive service that will inspect your buildings from top to bottom and identify required repairs.

Architectural Plans
Get Sealed Architectural Plans for Prefabricated Buildings, Ramps, Decks and much more!

Permitting and Site Services
Need a permit for a dumpster, driveway, building, etc.? We can help! We also offer an all-inclusive umbrella of construction site services from grading to striping.