Modular Construction: Fact Check

Published: January 11, 2019
Avon Modular Medical Modular BuildingWith modular construction on the rise, people are talking now more than ever. However, is what you are hearing true? Modular construction has been around for many years, and through the years some common misconceptions have unfortunately developed.

Here at Avon Modular we are passionate about modular construction and take great pride in our work. Please allow us to set the record straight as we dispel five of the most common modular construction myths and uncover the facts for you.

MYTH: Modular construction means limited design flexibility.

FACT: Modular construction design flexibility is equal to that of conventional construction.  In Modular Construction there is not a one size fits all. Not every project can or will be created the same. As your work along-side your modular construction provider to design and develop your structure, it will be apparent the numerous options available to you to customize many aspects of the design, including floor plans and finishes. Modular construction is utilized by a variety of sectors such as education, healthcare, and workforce housing. With the generous flexibility offered by modular construction, these types of structures can be appropriately designed for their specialized use, without sacrifice to design.

MYTH: Modular buildings are only temporary buildings.

FACT: While modular construction does offer temporary buildings, permanent buildings are constructed daily by the method of modular construction with permanence as the objective. It is important to understand that temporary buildings play an important role in our society and should not be frowned upon. Temporary modular buildings provide schools necessary space during new permanent construction projects or influxes in enrollment and provide housing and company operating space during natural disasters, to name a few. In contrast to temporary buildings, which are designed ONLY for temporary use, countless modular buildings are constructed every day for permanent use and are indiscernible from structures built using conventional construction methods. These permanent modular buildings are impeccably designed and manufactured in controlled environments where quality control processes far exceed what is achievable on any conventional project site.

MYTH: Modular buildings lack in quality.

FACT: Modular construction is a method, not a product. Modular construction uses the same materials and must meet the same local and national building codes as conventional building methods. The difference between modular construction and conventional (on-site) construction is that modular construction takes place in a factory, while conventional construction takes place on-site where the building will eventually sit. In fact, the quality of a modular constructed building meets and often exceeds the quality of a conventional build strictly due to the fact that it was constructed in a controlled environment. In a factory, quality can be constantly monitored and materials are safely stored away and protected from the elements that materials are often exposed to during an on-site conventional build; elements which can often compromise the integrity of the materials.

MYTH: Modular construction designs are boring.

FACT: Modular construction does not oppose creativity. While there are design considerations to keep in mind, modular construction does not place any limitations on the uniqueness of the design. Many years ago, it would be difficult to argue this fact, although still a myth, because there were not many examples of creative designs. However, today there are countless examples of creative and beautiful modular constructed buildings from schools, healthcare buildings, restaurants, hospitality and more. If you would like to see for yourself some examples of designs and types please visit our gallery.

MYTH: Modular construction is too new to trust.

FACT: Modular construction has been around for over 100 years. The history of modular construction can be dated as far back as the very early 20th century, when Sears Roebuck Co. sold over 500,000 homes kits between 1910 and 1940. Then at the end of WWII the housing industry exploded due to the influx of soldiers returning and looking for a home to start a family. This influx was too great for the marketplace to handle using the conventional building process. People were looking for less expensive and faster methods of construction and modular construction answered those questions. There are still homes standing that were built in the early 20th century using modular construction methods. However, in the last 20 years the sophistication has greatly increased along with the design options and desire to build modular. Currently 35% of contractors in the U.S. implement modular construction in the design phase of the building process. In addition, 40% of U.S. contractors say modular construction is part of their future strategic construction initiatives. It is also estimated that almost all Americans have been in a modular structure but may have not realized it since, once finished, modular buildings are difficult to discern from their conventionally built counterparts.

Now that you have the facts, you can learn more about modular construction and the advantage of choosing modular construction by clicking on the following links What Is Modular Construction and How Does It Work? and Top 5 Advantages of Modular Construction.

Avon Modular specializes in modular construction and prefabricated buildings as it can offer tremendous savings and quality permanent building products to customers. Over the recent years, Avon Modular has developed a one-stop shop including general contracting, and architectural services under one roof which gives them the advantage to expedite any project. Avon modular is a registered modular manufacturing company with the State of Florida (MFT 8686) and specializes in all types of commercial modular building manufacturing. Also, Avon Modular, as a Certified General Contractor (CGC1521397), provides the ease for customer building projects to be managed by qualified construction experts who care about providing high-quality buildings in a fast, efficient manner.

Building in today’s market can be costly, explore a more effective solution with Avon Modular. There are a growing number of construction companies turning to Avon Modular for the flexibility, ease, and cost-effectiveness that is offered. The Avon Modular team strives to treat each project as if it were its own while providing the finest personal service and quality product that would make any owner or company proud.

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