modular buildings, prefabricated buildings, modular construction

AvonModular is your all-inclusive modular manufacturer and certified general contractor. If your looking for a new permanent building, consider your options carefully. Modular construction is sweeping the industry as sturdy, cost effective methods of permanent prefabricated building construction. Modular Manufacturing helps keep costs low by reducing the time needed at the construction site. Reducing construction time minimizes costs and helps get your building up quickly providing revenue sooner! Learn how we can construct the building of your dreams with modular construction and prefabricated buildings.

Modular Construction Vs. Traditional Buildings

modular buildings, prefabricated buildings, modular construction

Modular construction is revolutionizing the industry with faster building times and reduced time on-site. We accomplish this by using prefabricated buildings that are built-to-suit in one of our many local factories. Prefabricated buildings and their construction has started taking the construction industry by storm. Learn what makes us the best in the business today!

Commercial Prefabricated buildings are multipurpose buildings that can be connected in any configuration. If your looking into your own healthcare building or modular office, contact us for a FREE consultation and give us the opportunity to exceed your expectations.

modular buildings, modular building, prefabricated buildings
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Modular buildings use prefabricated construction to complete their projects faster than traditional construction. Since modular construction reduces the build time on-site, you save money. Modular construction also allows for your building to start generating revenue more quickly. When you need your building up fast with minimal expense, consider going modular. AvonModular specializes in high-quality permanent modular buildings. Using steel and concrete as our primary materials, we can make any prefabricated building look like it was built traditionally.

If your looking for the speed and excellence of a modular building but want the look and aesthetic appeal of traditional construction, consider our Hybrid Innovation line of modular buildings.