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  • prefabricated buildings, modular construction, modular building
  • prefabricated buildings, modular construction, modular building
  • prefabricated buildings, modular construction, modular building
  • prefabricated buildings, modular construction, modular building
  • prefabricated buildings, modular construction, modular building
  • prefabricated buildings, modular construction, modular building
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Why Build with Modular Construction

Modular construction, also known as component construction or prefabricated construction, is a cost-effective way to build. Modular buildings can be designed to look like permanent, traditionally built structures. While traditional construction can take years, most modular projects are completed 50-60% more quickly due to modular components arriving on-site completely made. This reduces cost by shortening the time needed on site. Getting you building up more quickly means getting revenue back in your pocket while maximizing savings.

Modular structures are certified for road transport and are sturdy. We can design your building to withstand high wind speeds for costal and maritime environments. We specialize in creating custom modular buildings on-budget and ahead of schedule. Let us exceed your expectations today! Call us or request a quote!

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Permanent Modular Buildings in Under 60 Days

Prefabricated buildings continue to rival traditional construction methods by finishing projects more quickly and on-budget. One of our latest projects, a pharmacy, was constructed at Avon HQ’s hometown. This pharmacy was built with AvonModular’s “Hybrid Innoavation” method. Using component construction, we delivered four unique modules and crane-set them on concrete footers. Placing all of the modules side-by-side, we joined them together. This is where the modular look ends.

Our brick mason’s arrived and built up a facade around the structure. With parapet included, the windows were installed and the building began to look complete.modular building, prefabricated buildings, modular constructionWithin 60 days, the modular building no longer resembled itself. One of the construction spectators reported that, “We wouldn’t have known it was built with modules if they hadn’t seen it for themselves.” After the interior was painted, the exposed rafters and air-ducts were finished. The interior paint job and hardword floors gave a sense of class and sophistication to the structure.

Many project managers rule out modular construction because they think it looks like trailers or mobile homes. With AvonModular, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Employing modular construction allows us to keep costs low and pass those savings directly to our clients. Getting your building up sooner allows your business to generate revenue more quickly.

Traditionally constructed buildings will take 50-60% longer to complete and are typically more expensive. Modular construction is limited only by your imagination. We can build nearly any structure in half the time of other contractors. Get your building up fast and on-budget with AvonModular.

Designing the Modular Solution

Designing modular buildings comes with its own unique set of challenges and benefits.modular building, prefabricated buildings, modular construction Most modular structures are made at the factory in pieces and then assembled there. This allows most modular buildings to be ruggedized for road transport which makes them extremely sturdy and able to standup against most storm-force winds.

Portable modular buildings usually have an axel welded onto the base frame of the building allowing it to be carried like a trailer to its final destination. Larger modular systems are transported via flatbed truck and crane-lifted into their final position.

modular building, prefabricated buildings, modular constructionmodular building, prefabricated buildings, modular construction Modular buildings can also come in a “hand-kit” form. Our hand-kits allow a building to be constructed remotely without power tools. Using hand tools and pulleys, you can create a modular building anywhere! No matter what the need, modular construction can help reduce your costs and help you generate revenue more quickly.

Commercial modular buildings are becoming the new standard for the workplace.Using modular floor plans, we can expand nearly any structure indefinitely to accommodate any occupancy. AvonModular’s in-house architects and designers will work with you to customize your building and floor plans to your exacting specifications. Most construction projects require a digital rendering of the building to understand its dimensions and aesthetic appeal. AvonModular’s designers will provide you with a multi-view 3D rendering of your structure so that you can see your final product before we ever break ground.

Quality Buildings with Modular Construction

modular building, prefabricated buildings, modular construction
Want your building finished quickly in a cost effective manner? Modular buildings and construction is your answer! Reduce your time on-site and maximize your revenue by getting your building up sooner!modular building, prefabricated buildings, modular construction is featured in our hybrid innovation line which allows us to transform a modular, mobile structure to a permanent building that looks like it was traditionally built.

Modular construction has been associated with a more economical alternative for building structures and energy company dormitories. You may have seen a modular building as portable units at your local school or utility station, but what we offer is so much more.

Utilizing our proprietary “hybrid innovation” construction method, AvonModular can complete buildings within 60 days of them arriving on-site. We also use component construction to assemble mobile, temporary, and permanent structures capable of withstanding even the harshest weather conditions and still retain its modern aesthetics. Component construction allows us to manufacturer modular buildings at the factory and then ship them via truck to their final location. This process cuts down site costs drastically by reducing the time needed on-site. Time is money. Modular manufacturing can be nearly four times as fast as traditional construction and considerbaly less than traditional construction costs. The sooner your building is finished, the sooner your business can resume making revenue. Modular manufacturing is the quickest, most modern solution for your construction needs.

AvonModular In The Community

We understand how 501c3s work and the financial challenges of building and development within a not-for-profit organization. As such, we are committed to helping non-profits in need of new construction and we go out of our way to make sure that our projects come in on-time and well within a projects specified budget.

Since its inception, Avon Modular has been serving the communities in which it operates. From designing display modules for art exhibits to building prefabricated modular churches and classrooms, we are dedicated to helping non-profit organizations throughout the U.S.. Modular buildings are our passion, and we love helping and servicing our local communities.

Redefining Construction

AvonModular™ is revolutionizing the building industry by offering full-service solutions for your modular building needs.

  • Manufacturing (Wood, Steel, and Concrete Buildings within 90 Days)
  • Permenant Prefabricated Buildings
  • Build-to-Suit Modular Rental Program
  • Healthcare Building Solutions
  • All types of commercial building needs to meet any demand
  • Franchise Opportunities

  • Prefabricated construction is a revolutionary new building process that utilizes modular building technology to provide permanent and temporary buildings for a multitude of uses from modular work force housing to permanent commercial buildings.

    Why Choose AvonModular

    AvonModular offers more than just your typical modular building contractor. We are your one and only construction service that offers an all-inclusive umbrella of modular building expertise providing all levels of service from sealed architectural floor plans to consultation to site clean-up. Modular Buildings are perfect for keeping costs down as most building projects can be completed within 90 days. This drives down the costs due to our reduced time on site. AvonModular will walk you through the entire building process and make sure your needs are met and surpassed. We have over 40 years of industry experience and are very familiar with the building codes for Louisiana, Florida, West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and many more!

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